My Story
This week, on the blog, I’m telling you my story: why and how I got into business, my future projects, and what’s next for me. Not being much of a social networker, I wanted to share my...
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The Russian Volume
If you’ve heard about it but are still skeptical, we can explain! The “Russian Volume” technique originated in Russia around 2010. Over the years, this technique has evolved...
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All you need to know about Microneedling and Plasma treatments
MICRONEEDLING AND PLASMA We’re going to talk about microneedling and plasma! What is it?????? First, let me explain what microneedling is: It is a treatment used ato resolve...
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Vegetable henna
WHAT IS A HENNE? With henna, you can temporarily color your eyebrows in a natural and completely painless way to give them shape, without the need for pencils or powders. Henna eyebrow dye is...
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Building customer loyalty
HOW AND WHY IS CUSTOMER LOYALTY IMPORTANT? First of all, why build customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is especially useful for increasing sales. Be careful never to dissatisfy a customer,...
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Irritation VS Allergies
UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ALLERGIES AND IRRITATIONS. First of all, what is an allergy? It’s the immune system’s hypersensitivity to an antigen, generally foreign...
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LASH ENHANCEMENT OR LASHLIFTING What is it? Lashlifting, also known as eyelash enhancement, is a method of curling natural lashes using silicone pads and products. It gives the...
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Let's talk about eyelash extensions...
Eyelash extensions can be a little confusing when you’re just starting out.The market is booming, and we find all kinds of eyelash extensions at different prices. HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY AROUND? First...
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Glues ... a few tips.
Glues are used to bond the extensions to the natural lashes, That’s why this product is so important to a lash artist.There are many different types of glue on the market, and starting out...
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ROXILS, Your Leading Eyelash Extension Brand Will Be Present At ESTETIKA Brussels Expo
Interested in eyelash extensions or eyelash enhancements? ROXILS, your benchmark brand of eyelash extensions, will be at ESTETIKA at Brussels Expo on March 23, 24 and 25, 2019. ESTIETIKA is the beauty...
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